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M/L - Original Series

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The first step to becoming a musician,Pick up a guitar, and you can't put it down. Start from now!
My first guitar,must be Simple and Unique Ergonomic Design.



All New Redesign Travel and Full size Guitar!






Open your senses, feel the power of nature,
and follow the voice of your heart.




“Out of new ideas, music allows me to find the exit”


When I don't want to do anything, I just want to lie down lazily in the back seat of the jeep. Play guitar freely and turn my thoughts into music, and untie my knotted thoughts.
In the mountains, listen to Ocean Tsai improvised guitar playing and it will bring a pleasant afternoon.



“Listening and Feeling, the Power of Music”


Walking into the mountain forest, the noise becomes so small. Close your eyes and you are bonds with nature. Use music and phytoncide to take a forest bath, find inspiration from the mountains, and find yourself again. Listen to Ocean Tsai’s music where he express his emotion for the forest.


“Musician friends, Music brings us together ”


We invited Dong Yunchang and musician friends gathered around a campfire and held an outdoor concert under the starry night. Mr. Dong play fingerstyle music across the fingerboard, the smooth melody danced at his fingertips. The joyful atmosphere carry through the whole night.













Rosette & Binding











aNueNue classic-headstock design made with a Acacia koa veneer with aNueNue decal logo.
The tuners with 1:14 Derjung gear ratio for precise tuning.





Bridge & Nut / Saddle





The rosewood bridge helps support the string tension. The Buffalo Bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate.This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance.The compensated saddle designed to provide the accurate intonation and produce the correctly pitched note.






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