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A girl who has been wandering in the lifestyle of music since childhood.
With a guitar in her hands, everywhere is a song she enjoys.
This time, she holds the guitar and sings her own song.


  aNueNue M Color Guitar Ambassador - Gail Sophicha  

KILLIN' ME - MC Guitar Promotion Track


It all started with a muse for music.
Fate brought aNueNue and Gail—the Thai music genie—together in 2011.


At the time, Gail was a music-loving, 5-year-old genius; numerous musical instruments her delightful companions. Her daily life always revolved around aNueNue gears, sparkled by Ukulele or Bird Guitar that sang beautifully in her small hands. When she had shocked the world in Thailand’s Got Talent, she was 6; When she melted the hearts of thirteen million viewers with her viral sweetness, she was 7; When she collaborated with industry guru Harlem Yu in Jungle Voice, she was 13.


Throughout the years, Gail’s angelic voice has been accompanied by aNueNue instruments. They are a perfect team, creating sweet harmonies and tonal delights when fingers touch the strings.


Now, we are taking an unprecedented step introducing our Ambassador program. In the fourth quarter of 2019, the all new M Color Guitar series was released, and we are inviting aNueNue’s long time friend Gail Sophicha as our first ever Ambassador, sharing with the world her music companion and music life.



  About Promotional song - Killin' Me  


aNueNue sought out to Golden Melody Award nominated industry professionals, music producer Hans (Chen Shih Han) and visual artist Yang Shi Ching , for the promotion title track and its cover art.


Musical instrument and music are cross-border and unbounded !
Stay tuned! Maybe you will realize, just like you in music, aNueNue's presence is as natural as and casual as the blue sky and sea.






〈 Killin' Me〉is a theme song performed by Gail for M Color guitar.  Click the below links to play the music!


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