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UC - Color Series




  Trendy Pantone colors that blends into your colorful liftstyle  


Built on the foundation of the"MC Color Series" acoustic guitar, the"UC Color Series" is the Ukulele extension of the color series. It uses the same Pantone selection of five colors as the MC color series:   fresh and natural Almond Milk    the lively Living Coral    warm and hopeful Golden Glow    serene healing Blue Arona    and    balanced tranquility of Quiet Shade  . This series is an addition to our guitars for the passionate players that also appreciates a colorful lifestyle that the series can offer.





  Great Looking ! Great house collection !  


The entire series is a concert size, a very comfortable size of 23 inches, suitable for players of all ages. A perfect companion for solo performance and backup playing, with its colorful selection, it would be an artistic furnishing even when it is not in use.


The protective film affixed to the body is designed based on the shape of the bird Ukulele's cutaway design, retaining the color space and shaping of the body from the Bird Ukulele Series. In terms of materials, we specially selected the scratch-resistant fabric commonly used in furniture, which is closely adhered to the Ukulele surface with our special technique, which enhances abrasion resistance while leaving the sound vibration of the panel unaffected , granting passionate performance without the fear of scratching. This special combination will give players a good combined sensation of visual, sound and feel to the intrument.



   Promotion Track   


The latest single, "Crazy Dreamer (ft. Feng E)", released by melFlow in collaboration with Feng E, has invited producer Zhang San, with several Golden Awards, with the dream team to produce the music video for it. With its rich colors. the music video is matched with the aNueNue Rainbowman MC color guitar and UC color ukulele series. Among them, the interlude part of the song is an improv by Feng E, an Ukulele prodigy from Taiwan, which greatly challenged this small music instrument to expand its limits and horizon. Paired with amazing playing skills, and the spectacular visuals to make the music more colorful. Just like the spirit of the UC color series, it enriches the seemingly dull and oridinary life style with color and life. In Hopes that through the music video, viewers could feel the charm from aNueNue!






Almond Milk




The top wood uses a special color matte open proes, taken from Pantone color code Almond Milk, close to the impression of health, kind and stable, the color often used in the space of life, giving a clean, peaceful feeling, has a philosophical meaning of healing the mind, simple and powerful.


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Blue Arona




The top wood uses a special color matte open pores, taken from Pantone color code Blue Arona, which derives from the ancient town of Arona, just to the east of Lake Maggiore in Italy, this color is inspired by its calm and stable weather and natural river bank landscape. Today, it is a common color in interior design, which has a spiritual meaning of surrounding peace and quietness.


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Living Coral




The top wood uses a special color matte open proes, taken from Pantone color code Living Coral, as the representative color of 2019, the rich colors in the depths of the sea, lively and enthusiastic, full of vitality, affirm the value of life.


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Golden Glow




The top wood uses a special color matte open proes, taken from Pantone color code Golden Glow,The color of the sun shining in nature, the shining radiance and the flowing space, warm and stimulating, have full of hope and affirm their self-confidence and inspirational significance.


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Quiet Shade




The top wood uses a special color matte open proes, taken from Pantone color code Quiet Shade, the shadow changes due to the intensity of light, calm and restrained, in the life has the color to adjust the visual perception, full of intellectuality, and The spiritual meaning of imagination.


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UC Color series used Spruce as a top, mahogany as a back and side wood. The top wood uses a special color matte open proes, taken from Pantone color code. The Maple binding serve to protect the edges of the wood from impact. Almound Milk , Living Coral used maple as a fingerboard, Blue Arona, Golding Glow, Quiet Shade used rosewood as a Fretboard.







Size / Frets  23 inch / 19
Top  Solid Spruce
Side / Back  Mahogany
Headplate  Maple Veneer
Machine Head  1:14 Gear Pegs
Bridge  Maple
Nut / Saddle  Synthetic Bone
Fretboard  Maple / Rosewood
String  aNueNue Clear Wther String
Finish  Matte Open Proes
Binding  Maple
Gigbag  UC Linen Gigbag (white / brown)





The UC Linen Gigbag is made of creamy-white linen and is designed with a 20mm thick bag for extra protection. There is a front pocket for easy storage. There are also side handles and backpack straps for easy carrying.




Almond Milk / Living Coral 

with white UC Linen Gigbag





Blue Arona / Golden Glow / Quiet Shade

with brown UC Linen Gigbag






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