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Hawaiian Dream

  Music travel with ukulele and imagine you are chilling in Hawaii.  


Aloha !


Sunshine, beach, ocean, and the hula music dance. The beauty of Hawaii is inspiration. Ukulele is the most famous musical instrument in Hawaii.


The small ukulele travel from Portuguese to Hawaii. The story of a man with four string, drifting on the ocean, sharing his love and passion for music. aNueNue Hawaiian dream series welcome you to try out ukulele!






 Imagine picnic on Waikiki beach, and playing ukulele.


aNueNue Hawaiian Dream series offer the U & 3 Series. Offering is Soprano, Concert, and Tenor for all ages.


It come with Dark Navy Gigbag with Picnic cotton cloth interior design. Imagine picnic on Waikiki beach, and playing ukulele.




  The Sound from Hawaii  


Welcome Kalei and Corey for ukulele sound demo.




  ▼ Wood  


U Series


At aNueNue when we use laminated mahogany for our back and sides, we place the straight grain mahogany veneers at each side and for the center we use Poplar wood to ensure that the whole construction is light weight, stable and climate adaptable.


3 Series


aNueNue uses naturally air dried solid woodtops and are seasoned for years. Seasoned tops are stable, but does take time to open up and deliver a more beautiful transcendent overall tone. A solid top in comparison will possess a more complex timbre than a laminated top.



    ▼ Rosette&Binding  


Traditonal Hawaiian ukulele design, “Less is More” design. We focus on: Design, Simplicity and Elegance.



The abalone rosette was designed for the elegant look. Black ABS binding was added for better protection to the body.



  ▼ About Finish  


Natural satin finish involve extra painting work schedule. The paint has nice satin feeling, and thin paint allow the wood to vibrate better.


Natural Satin

wood pores fill , Base Coat, and Top Coat


Open Pores Satin

can feel the wood pores


   ▼ About String  

  The aNueNue Clear Water strings are made of clear fluorocarbon from Japan. The tone is rich and clear. The lower tension feeling makes it easy for beginners to play with.  


   ▼ About Gigbag  


Hawaiian dream series come with newly design gigbag.


Exterior cloth use Dark navy ocean 600D and interior use blue check picnic cotton cloth. The gigbag is padded with 10mm thickness foam for extra protection. There's a front pocket for easy storage. There's also both a side handle, and backpack-style straps, to make it easy to carry.


▲ Exterior cloth use Dark navy ocean

▲ blue check picnic cotton cloth


Both U and 3 Series are Mahogany ukulele. U Series is laminated and 3 Series is Solid Top only Mahogany. The rectangular rosewood bridge helps support the string tension. The Synthetic Bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. Quality DerJung Taiwanese Machine head with 1:16 ratio. aNueNue clear water fluorocarbon strings. Hawaiian dream series we improve on fit & finish of ukulele, and design the best specs on entry to mid level ukulele.


More Info  


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  Hawaiian Dream U  






  Hawaiian Dream S  






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